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Before And After Credit

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It use to be in the good ole days that if you needed something and didn't have any money, you would go to the local merchant and get it. He would let you get what you needed for the home or family on credit. Then when you had the money you could pay him back, or trade something you had for what you owed. It was a good system for everyone until one day someone got greedy. That greed made good deeds turn into big profits off of someone's hardship. If you had children and needed a loaf of bread or eggs you didn't have to worry. People in the community or in the church would make sure that your children didn't go hungry and didn't need to know your credit score.

But here we are in a whole different world now. Everything that you do requires a credit check. When you call for home or car insurance, one of the first questions is; your social security number. That way they can determine in seconds your credit marks and base your monthly premium on that score. When you apply for most jobs now the prospective employer runs a credit check on you. It does not make much sense, because you need the money to pay your bills (even deliquent ones) that is why you apply for work, not because it is a hobby or pleasure. When you want to rent an apartment or home or even equipment, they too get a credit check.

We are coming into a time now where there will be two types of people; the 'haves' and the 'have nots'. The banks have made it to where you almost have to have credit cards to survive. After you get the credit cards, they can change the terms of the contract and change your interest rate. In some cases they can charge extreme interest rates along with penalties and fees. Some merchants such as car rentals, hotels, travel agents, airlines and others require a credit card.

Every adult should learn how to achieve better credit. They need to know what cards to get and how to pay for the merchandise on time, every time. Companies that issue credit in these times are very selective. That means that you need to play the credit game to win. If you have no credit or bad credit, you could start out with a very high interest rated card, but note: before you ever use the card you could owe as much as your limit (which in most cases is $200-$300). But if you pay over the monthly payment each and every time, the creditor should increase your limit.

Within a year you should start seeing your credit score increasing too. When your scores increase, so will your chances of more available credit. The trick (game) is to be consistent, purchase just what you can afford to pay for, then when the statement comes in the mail, pay it. Pay a little bit extra, but be sure to pay it. When you are trying to establish credit, never miss or default on your payment, it will reverse your credit score. Once you have established a fair amount of credit you will feel better about yourself. What a good feeling to know that you are never stuck, you have cards in your wallet that can be used almost everywhere for just about anything, and besides, people notice you more.

Remember, you want to be one of the HAVES not the HAVE NOTS.

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