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What Is A Pre-Paid Card?

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Article By Guest Author
What Is A Pre-Paid Card?


What Is A Pre-Paid Card?

Pre-paid cards can be used just like a credit or debit card but give you complete control over your finances as you can only spend what you have made available.

They are ideal for people who might struggle to get a credit card because of poor credit history or who want to shop safely online, by telephone or when overseas.

Pre-paid cards are simple to use. Apply for a card, transfer cash onto it from your current account and you’re ready to go. You can top up and manage your account online or by telephone.

Pre-paid cards are accepted by more than 30 million outlets in the UK and abroad and are a more secure alternative than carrying cash. If you lose your card, or it gets stolen, you can ring up and cancel it immediately. Your remaining balance will be transferred to a new account and you will receive a replacement card.

Using a pre-paid card will help you manage your finances and ensure you never overspend or get into debt. You control how much money you have available and you can set yourself daily, weekly or monthly limits. And if you don’t have the money on your card, you can’t use it – it’s as simple as that.

If you have had problems managing your money in the past and now have a poor credit rating, you can still apply for a pre-paid MasterCard. There is no need for a credit check and the card can be used just the same way, but without the risk of interest charges, late payment or over the limit fees. You can even claim cash rewards of up to 4% at over 30 major high street retailers, including ASDA, Argos, Boots, Debenhams, Comet and B & Q.

Once you have a pre-paid MasterCard, you can apply for additional cards for family members, ideal if you have children who are students living away from home or travelling. You may also find using a pre-paid card is a cheaper way of doing international money transfers to family members abroad.

Pre-paid cards are a safe and convenient way of spending when overseas. You can withdraw local currency and you might find it cheaper than using a credit or debit card, which can attract high charges. Again you can shop in the security that if your wallet gets stolen or lost then you can instantly cancel your card rather than lose your money.

Pre-paid cards are a safe and convenient way to shop online or via the telephone. Most websites require payment via a credit card and a debit card and if you don’t have one then you could be losing out on the discounts available online.

Most websites will accept pre-paid cards as an alternative to credit or debit and cards and you can also use your card to register for services such as PayPal which replaces the need to send cash, cheques or postal orders through the post.

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