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How To Save Money On Home Insurance

How To Save Money On Your Home Insurance

When you are trying to get out of debt, you need to save money wherever you can. Home insurance is one area where you can often make substantial savings without exposing your finances to unnecessary risk. However, in order to do this, you need to know a little about home insurance, so that you can accurately assess what you need in the way of cover. Here are some tips to help you cut the cost of your home insurance.

Don't Insure Your Building For The Market Value

Many homeowners make the mistake of insuring their property for the market value, rather than the rebuilding cost. In the vast majority of cases, the rebuilding cost will be substantially less than the market value. Remember that even if your home has to be completely demolished and re-built from scratch, you still own the land it is on. In many high-value property areas such as the South East of England, the value of the land can often outstrip the building cost of the house. Therefore, it can pay to do a little research to find out how much it would cost to completely rebuild your house. Check your survey report, which will have been done when you bought or remortgaged the house, as this will include an estimated rebuild cost. Remember to take into account the effects of inflation if your survey is more than a year or so old.

Increase The Excess

The excess is the amount that you are willing to pay in order to make a claim on your insurance policy. You can often make substantial savings on your insurance policy by increasing the excess amount. However, if you set the excess too high, then you may not be able to afford to pay it in the event of a claim, which would leave you in a very difficult situation.

Improve Your Home Security

Many insurers will be willing to knock a bit off your home contents insurance premium if you take steps to improve the security of your property. Upgrading locks on your windows and doors, installing an alarm system, fitting a secure safe for valuables, and purchasing motion detector floodlights in your garden can all help to improve security and keep insurance costs down. However, all of this will count for nothing if you leave your door unlocked when the house is empty, and if a burglar does not have to force their way in, you may not be able to claim on your contents insurance.

For great deals on contents insurance, visit the Legal and General website.

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