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National Debt Helpline And Other Useful Contacts

On this page you will find a list of helpful organisations for UK residents struggling with debt problems. One of the main ones is the National Debtline, or National Debt Helpline, as it is often referred to. The service is part of a charity called the Money Advice Trust, whose role is to help promote free help for anyone in the UK with financial difficulties. Contact details and telephone numbers for the National Debt Helpline can be found below, as can a helpful list of many other useful organisations.

The National Debt Helpline offers free advice by telephone and has an extensive website that where you can find a wealth of information if you would prefer not to speak to someone directly. There are dozens of fact sheets available to download, which cover all sorts of situations and problems. There is a useful guide that tells you exactly how to prepare your own budget. This is very important because it will be the basic tool for anyone who wants to learn to manage their money better.

Very closely related to budgeting is preparing a personal financial statement. If you were to approach any professional debt help organisation, the first thing they would do would be analyse your current finances so that it was clear what your income and expenditure really are. This helps to identify what your real commitments are and whether you have any income left after paying your priority bills.

The national debt line can provide factsheets that take you through the processes of analysing your income and expenditure so that you can fully understand your current situation. Once you have identified where you are spending your money, it is possible to see where you might be able to cut back. This is then the basis for approaching creditors and making your own plans for how much you can spend on things each month.

When it comes to negotiating with creditors to try to reach new agreements to pay less or settle your debts, the helpline service has a host of self help guides to take you through the many possible scenarios. Fact sheets cover such subjects as how to deal with bailiffs and understanding what they can and cannot legally do and explaining how bankruptcy works and whether it may be appropriate for you. They also provide template letters for writing to creditors about various things, and advice on dealing with harassment from creditors, managing student loan debt, using debt relief orders and applying for debt management plans.

If after going through your situation with you over the telephone the advisor thinks that you would benefit from a debt management plan, they will put you in touch with a company that can help you. All debt management help is provided through specialist professional companies in the UK.

You can find a list of some of the most reputable ones on the main page on Debt Management Companies, or you can apply immediately to one of the best organisations by completing the online from at the bottom of the page.

Listed below you will find a wide range of official national contacts in the UK who provide debt help and advice on a range of issues from debt and financial problems to legal advice, benefits information and many other related topics. I hope you find them useful.

You can call the following numbers without fear of being sold something that may not meet your needs. These official national organisations are there to offer unbiased advice. Please be careful about other 'Debt Helplines' which may actually just be financial companies hoping to sell you their product. It may well be that their product is appropriate for you, but it may not be, and you should always shop around.

(information on finding a money-advice centre)
12th Floor, New London Bridge House
25 London Bridge Street
London SE1 9SG
Phone: 020 7407 4070

National Debtline
The official National Debt Helpline, and a member of Advice UK (above)
Tricorn House,
51-53 Hagley Road,
B16 8TP
Pnone: (0808) 808 4000
Monday - Friday 9am-9pm
Saturday 9.30am-1pm

National Debt Helpline For Businesses
(advice for small businesses and self employed)
Tricorn House
51-53 Hagley Road
Birmingham B16 8TP
0800 197 6026

Age Concern
(including information on benefits and other issues)
Freepost (SWB 30375)
Devon TQ13 7ZZ
Phone: 0800 00 99 66

Winter Fuel Payments helpline
Phone: 0845 915 1515

Energy Ombudsman
(for complaints about a fuel supplier)
PO Box 966
Warrington WA4 9DF
Phone: 0845 055 0760

Consumer Direct
(help related to consumer and fuel issues)
Phone: 0845 404 0506

Community Legal Advice
Directory of agencies providing legal advice in your area.
Helpline 0845 3454 345

Consumer Credit Association UK
Tel: 01244 312 044

Council of Mortgage Lenders
(official association for mortgage lenders)
North West Wing, Bush House
Aldwych, London WC2B 4PJ
Phone: 0845 373 6771

Financial Ombudsman Service
(if you have disputes with your bank or building society, etc)
South Quay Plaza, 183 Marsh Wall
London E14 9SR
Phone: 0845 080 1800

Financial Services Authority (FSA)
(information on pension funds, endowments, etc)
Consumer Helpline
25 The North Colonnade, Canary Wharf
London E14 5HS
Phone: 0845 606 1234

Financial Services Compensation Scheme
(independent organisation dealing with claims against companies under FSA authority)
7th Floor, Lloyds Chambers
1 Portsoken Street, London E1 8BN
Phone: 020 7892 7300

Carer's Allowance Unit
Phone: 0125 385 6123

Child Benefit enquiry line
Phone: 0845 302 1444

Child Support Agency
enquiry line
Phone: 0845 7133 133

Disability Benefits enquiry line
Phone: 0800 88 22 00

Pension Credit Claim Line
Tel: 0800 99 1234

Gamblers Anonymous
141 Cleveland Street
London W1T 6QG
Phone: 08700 50 88 80

(advice for gamblers and their families)
2nd Floor, 7-11 St John's Hill
London SW11 1TR
Phone: 0845 600 0133

Disability Living Allowance and
Attendance Allowance helpline
Phone: 0845 712 3456

Tax Credits helpline
Phone: 0845 300 3900

Housing Corporation
(to get a list of housing associations)
149 Tottenham Court Road
London W1T 7BN
Phone: 0845 230 7000

IFA Promotions Office
(can provide you with a list of independent financial advisers)
2nd Floor, 117 Farringdon Road
London EC1R 3BX
Phone: 0800 0853 250

(tax queries and problems)
Phone: 0845 120 3779

(free housing advice helpline)
88 Old Street
London EC1V 9HU
Phone: 0808 800 4444

The Samaritans
Phone: 0845 790 9090

Trading Standards
Phone: 0845 404 0506

Telephone Helplines Association
(information about helplines)
Phone: 0845 120 3767

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